Religious Tour

Religious Tour

Religious Tour:

India is a preferred location for Hindu Pilgrimage tour packages. Lots of pilgrim tourists from all over the world.The country associates itself with an prosperous historical as well as religious backdrop of Hinduism & other religions.

Pilgrimage is a journey made to a place of religious and spiritual importance. is committed to help you plan and book your Pilgrimage at the best prices for all  religious pilgrimage destinations in India.

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Pilgrimage Tourist Attraction Places in India:

1. Haridwar Tour:

The holy city of Haridwar translates to “Gateway to God,” & the breathtaking city, replete with temples, is a magnet for religious pilgrims from all over the globe. Religious festivals hold even further draw, & tourists can’t helped but be compelled by the city’s aura of intense spirituality. Don’t miss the Har ki Pauri & the Chandi Devi Temple.

Haridwar Tour

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Tourist Attractions in Haridwar

Haridwar attracts lots of tourists through out the year. Har-ki-Pauri is the centre of action in Haridwar: piousness and brisk business go hand in hand here. There’s numerous Hindu ritual and ceremonies performed on the banks of Ganga here. Some popular ones include thread ceremonies, holy dips, tonsuring ceremonies and ash immersion ceremonies. But the actual beauty is of the evening aarti when the ghats of Har-ki-Pauri command rapt attention from the spectators. The other attractions here include the Chandi Devi Temple on top of the Neel Parvat and the eight-storeyed Bharat Mata Temple towering over the tiny town. Then there is Shanti Kunj, with its Gayatri Temple housing 24 images of Gayatri, close to the Saptarishi Ashram. The bazaars of Haridwar display kumkum (vermilion), rudraksh, Gangajal (vessels containing Ganges water), Ayurvedic medicines and precious stones. The famous bazaars include Moti Bazaar, Upper Road, and Jwalapur.

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2. Amritsar Tour:

Amritsar, as the name suggests, is rightfully a pool of nectar. Located in the state of Punjab, Amritsar is of the most important pilgrimage centres for the Sikhs in the country. The city is characterised by a number of the must visit religious, historical as well as contemporary sites of importance. The Golden Temple, where Sikhs from all over the world come to pay their reverence to The Guru Granth Sahib and take a dip in the Amrit Saras Kund (Pool of Immortality) for spiritual purification is the major landmark of the place. Amritsar is also characterised by the hard working and warm-hearted people.

Golden Temple Amritsar

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Tourist Attractions in Amritsar 

There are numerous tourist attractions in and around Amritsar of religious and historical importance. Golden temple, the Wagah Border , the Durgiana Mandir, Baba Atal Rai Tower and the Jalianwallah Bagh are the main tourist attractions out here. For more information related to Amritsar tour package please visit:

3. Ajmer Tour: 

South west of Jaipur, Ajmer is an oasis wrapped in the green hills. The city was founded by Raja Ajay Pal Chauhan in the 7th Century A.D. & continued to be a major centre of the Chauhan power till 1193 A.D. Then Prithviraj Chauhan lost it to Mohammed Ghori, after which Ajmer became home to plenty of dynasties. Today, Ajmer is a well-liked pilgrimage centre for the Muslims as well as Hindus. famous is the Dargah Sharif-tomb of the Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, which is equally revered both by the Hindus & the Muslims. Ajmer is a centre of culture & schooling. The British selected Ajmer for its prestigious Mayo College, a school exclusively for Indian nobility at time.

Ajmer Sharif Tour

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4. Vaisno Devi Tour:

Vaishno Devi Mandir, a holy temples dedicated to Shakti is located in the hills of Vaishno Devi, Jammu & Kashmir. In Hinduism, Vaishno Devi, often known as Vaishnavi, is a manifestation of the Father Goddess. The temple is near the town of Katra, & is of the most revered places of worship in India. About 8 million pilgrims visit the Vaishno Devi every year. It is the second most visited religious shrine in India, after Tirumala Venkateswara Temple.

Mata Vaishno Devi Tour

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5. Varanasi:

Varanasi is claimed to be of the most purest cities in India. This belief comes from the fact that the river ganga flows throughout the state. Hindus think that cremating people from their religion on the banks of the river Ganga in Varanasi will help cleanse the sins of the who passed away. It is also of the oldest cities in India making it rich in spiritual & cultural heritage.

Tourist Attractions in Varanasi

Ancient temples are the major source of attraction in this city. The banks of the Ganges are thought about to be sacred by the Hindus and the ghats are the centre of most religious activities that occur in the city. Other fascinating places to visit around this city are Alamgir Mosque, Durga Temple, Bharat Mata temple, Tulsi Manas Temple, Vishwanat Temple, Banaras Hindu University and the Archaeological Museum.

Varanasi Tour

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6. Bodh Gaya:

Bodh gaya is a well-liked location for Buddhists as it is the place where Lord Buddha emerged from. It is said he sat that under a definite bodhi tree & gained spiritual enlightenment.

Mahabodhi Temple has a gilded statue of Buddha sitting cross-legged along with his right hand touching the ground in acceptance of the enlightenment. Under the tree is Vajrasana, the Diamond Throne, a stone slab marking the site where Buddha was sitting when they attained enlightenment. The Archaeological Museum at Bodhgaya displays a lovely range of sculptures.

The dome of Bodh Gaya’s 1,500-year old Mahabodhi temple, Buddhism’s holiest shrine.

Bodh Gaya

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7. Tirupati Balaji:

Tirumala Venkateswara Temple is a Hindu temple in the hill town of Tirumala, near Tirupati in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. Originally Venkateshwara, this south Indian temple is dedicated to a type of Lord Vishnu, and is the most popular place for pilgrimage in the country.

It is by the Lord’s presidency over Venkatachala, that They has received the appellation, Venkateswara (Lord of the Venkata Hill). They is also called the Lord of the Seven Hills. The temple of Sri Venkateswara has acquired one-of-a-kind sanctity in Indian religious lore. The Sastras, Puranas, Sthala Mahatyams & Alwar hymns unequivocally declare that, in the Kali Yuga, can attain mukti, only by worshipping Venkata Nayaka or Sri Venkateswara.

Shri Tirupati Balaji

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8. Amarnath:

Amarnath is a well-liked cave temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, the supreme. A important pilgrim place for Hindus, it is believed to be some 5000 years elderly.

The cave is situated at an altitude of three,888 m (12,756 ft), about 141 km (88 mt) from Srinagar, the capital of Jammu & Kashmir & reached through Pahalgam town. The shrine forms an important part of Hinduism, & is thought about to be of the holiest shrines in Hinduism. The cave is surrounded by snowy mountains. The cave itself is covered with snow most time of the year except for a short time period in summer when it is open for pilgrims.

Amarnath Cave


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